i am tom marvolo riddle
and it must suck to be you.
hello, harry. 
05 01 20
mostly public in time. for now, anything important will be friends only.
voldemort: (Default)
05 03 09 (UTC)
pig: (skins ▪ effy)
add? we share the same interests (friending meme). and i love love love your username! i'm kashif :)
05 03 09 (UTC)
voldemort: (Default)
sure thing, i'll add you right now. :)
06 01 09 (UTC)
sadalof: (Default)
ive seen you around zoo.
And i love hp and your un - add? :D
06 02 09 (UTC)
voldemort: (animalia meghan.)
why, thank you. added!
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